DIY Protein Skimmer Acrylic Waste Cup is a BRS-Bulk Reef Supplier, where you get liquid and dry forms of 2 part aquarium sea salts, additives and supplements products that we developed and use our selves since "2000".


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Manufacturer Info: Bulk Reef Supply - Wholesale.

Saltwater Correct products was established by a 25 plus year experienced saltwater hobbyist back in "2000", who had a need for high quality, high purity and highly concentrated products to maintain a 3,000 plus gallon saltwater aquaculture centralized marine fish and coral reef system that aided in creating the most natural enclosed eco environment possible. From 2-part sea salts, additives, supplements and water purifying treatments and methods.


You get a piece of mind that comes from purchasing your saltwater aquarium products from a 25 plus year experienced saltwater hobbyist, not just a vendor.


You can call during business hours at 717-243-9545 for assistance if you have any questions about Saltwater Correct products or are having problems or questions about your saltwater aquarium.